Simple-ism Illustration Ident


In this series of videos, different creative work is displayed in quick short bursts paired with brief moving images. Each video exhibits a field of practice within my personal creative portfolio. The Design and Illustration videos were constructed using still shots and screen captures of process to represent the reality of creativity. The Photography video, however, uses slow-panning shots of scenes related directly to the photographs and still images being shown. These differences between videos emphasise the relevant media and style portrayed within the creative work of each field – where screen capturing relates to a digital realm, natural filming depicts the realness of photography. This series of videos is influenced by the ways in which narrative is created, and yet broken; how the viewer may not watch something the way it must be from start to finish, but piece elements together to create an entire picture. Similarly to how work has been fragmented and placed in the videos at intervals, these breaks in narrative help form an overall picture of the work and the process behind it. By displaying work in short bursts accompanied by quick upbeat music (by band Modern Pitch), these videos depict the style and identity of my personal creative portfolio and aim to give insight into what I do, but also how I do it.


Represented through a series of punchy artwork and process videos, the Simple-ism Illustration Ident represents the Simple-ism illustration style, aesthetic and identity.

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